Simple SEO Group

Listing Description

Simple SEO Group started disrupting the status quo of web development in 2008 in Chicago, IL. Their results-driven, cost-effective web development services targeted to small and mid-size businesses around the globe immediately attracted attention and gained them a loyal following of clients. To date, over 95% of clients continue to work with Simple SEO Group through additional technology projects or long-term maintenance contracts.

The Story

President and CEO Brendan Egan started Simple SEO Group after a long career as a small business owner. Frustrated and disappointed with the results other agencies provided, Brendan decided to dive deep into the world of web development, SEO, and digital marketing. As he started seeing success with his efforts, he began teaching others what he had learned, and in time, Simple SEO Group was born.

Is Simple SEO Group One of the Best Web Development Companies?

In addition to offering full-service website design and development, Simple SEO Group also provides reputation management, mobile app development, content marketing, email marketing, and more. In addition, they also offer a yearly non-profit giveaway package of $5,000 in marketing services to an eligible charitable organization.

How to Get Started

If Simple SEO Group seems like the right web development services company for your business needs, visit their Why Choose Us page to learn more. If you have questions about their portfolio of services, their Contact page offers several options for getting in touch.